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1) 2x Free OxymathoX products with all orders over 400euros
2) We reimburse all Western Union / Money Gram money transfer costs
3) Like our page if you value our products and services and we'll add in a free Testosterone product when you order.
We are here 24/7 for knowledge, advice, help and support whether you're an pro, a first timer, or someone thinking of giving our fantastic products a try, feel free to drop us a mail at any time with no pressure to buy.
Our products are the best. Don't believe us? Just try us once and see for yourself. We offer the safest most potent products at a reasonable price with professional top class quality and service with customers all over the world since 2010. When you choose H2 LABS products you are choosing a brand that take it's business very seriously and join thousands of people who trust to choose us as their best kept secret


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H2 LABS Members Only Order Android App
Our members only App is aimed to make the order process even quicker and easier for our clients with added discounts for members only. Version 11 is now available to download. Check back here regularly for app updates. App size just 2.6mb with dynamic features. Log in and check into our app once a month to get the latest news, discount codes and updates! All information is updated monthly direct to your phone! Members can simply scan the embedded qr code with your QR Barcode Scanner to download.


Free EQ Product with orders over €300
EQ by H2 LABS International is one of our best sellers for gym users looking to add high quality lean muscle bulk and it's very similar in terms of results to Nandro is not a rapid mass builder instead however it provides a slow but high quality steady gain of strength and muscle mass accompanied with impressive increases in stamina and endurance making it a very popular product with endurance athletes. The effects of EQ become apparent when it's used for long cycles and you will certainly notice the gains by week 8.  We recommend dosage of 600-1000mg per week depending on if the user is advanced bodybuilder or beginner gym user. Inject 2/3x weekly and use for 10-14 weeks for optimal results add Test E and MethandroX.

Our Loyalty Card
Every order gets a Loyalty Card with credit to spend the next time you shop with us. Regardless of your order size big or small you'll be rewarded for shopping with us with credit on your card you can use at any time. The more you spend the more you recieve in return. For more information visit our Loyalty Card Page.
10c per €1 spend. e.g €500 spend = €50 return

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Just fill up our contact form with the products and the quantity you want then choose either standard or express shipping. Also include your shipping address and contact details. We then will forward on payment details. Sending payment to us is quick, simple and straight forward process with a variety of options to choose from. Package is recieved by you within 2-3 days. No questions asked. Safe, fast, efficient, affordable, local and 100% confidential.
We are the best!


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Introducing the Generation X Range
Established in 2014, Generation X was a rebrand of our total product range and marked the introduction of new stylish packaging, security features and innovative products. In our Injectable range products such as TEST 400, WINSTROL DEPOT, TEST B, METRIX, and TREN H were released being specifically geared towards professional athlete's needs and requirements. in capsule form we added; YinX, ALX, and AeroX which are products we are also proud of as they are difficult to source and manufacture but each offer specialized benefits for clients who know how, and when to use them correctly for immense benefits. Our R&D team always are on top of the latest trends and chemical releases ensuring we stay ahead of everyone else and you can be sure that the best is yet to come.  


We are the best..
Here at H2LI-Team we are always striving for the best and to be the best. To run a successful business you must always put the customer first and satisfy their needs in as many ways as possible. All our products are produced with the competitive athlete at the forefront of our designs. For example H2 LABS Tren H (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate-Parabolan) dosage is a staggering 200mg/ml, go try find another brand with as just as much potency. You can't? Maybe thats because of the enoumous cost of production with this expensive compound, and the brands that do produce Tren H (Parabolan) do so at about 80-100mg/ml. Why? because it yields more mls (diluted as such) producing more vials resulting in more $$. Even so why does that matter? Well if you plan on running 600mg of Parabolan a week then you'll be injecting around 6mls per week, how does that sound compared to our 3mls per week. This is the true test of quality. Another example; Not all brands are capable of producing a pure unesterified oil based testosterone with rapid release. We can. A shot of Test B [also known as TNE or Test no ester] by H2 LABS is as smooth as silk with rapid onset at a respectable dosage of 100mg/ml.  

H2 LABS International was established in 2010 with the mission to produce high quality generic pharmaceutical products, at a cost effective price for ourselves and our team. Since our inception, our focus has aways been on developing products in the field of anabolic hormone therapy, and today we have a broad product-line. Delivering quality products at an affordable price is our distinguished value.
All our batches are lab tested and have undergone clinical trials ensuring you that our products live up to the highest quality and safety standards. All our oils are filtered and pumped into sterile sealed vials resulting in a crystal clear product equally comparable to pharmaceutical grade.
All equipment used for production of H2 LABS products is GMP validated and USP approved. We only use approved pharmaceutical oils and excipients that maintain the USP or BP standard and powders (API) that are USP/BP approved which are also manufactured under strict QA guidelines within GMP facilities. We are one of a rare few reseller's of H2 LABS International products. 


Our Values
We have built our brand on the following values:
Quality – delivering quality products is our distinguished value. Clinical trials and quality testing have been conducted on each of our batches to ensure that we are producing a quality product. Reliability – from our stock we use the very same products ourselves and always will, which guarantees us as a reliable supplier you can count on in the long term. Long-term orientation – sustaining the highest quality in the products we produce and while striving to innovate and have new products in the pipeline. Competitive – being competitive makes it possible to gives you competitive prices. Privacy – we are a small close-knit private entity with no alterior motives or interest in your information and we do not share your infomation with anyone full stop, we also expect the same in return. Pride – the products we make are produced with perfectionism, pride and satisfaction with no expenses spared, no compromises this these are our obsessions. Superiority – we are better than everyone else, and so are our products. Not For Profit – our products are produced for ourselves with no interest in our bottom line except to cover our own costs and inturn maintain a small profit and client base. Professionalism – we don't sell fake products, we don't scam customers, we don't mis-label products. If something is out of stock then we'll tell you. Partnerships and Trust – we strive for trust-based relationships with our partners: our customers, our suppliers, and everyone else who surrounds us. Only good and open relationships can help us achieve both business success and our primary mission.

Legal Notice: AAS or Anabolic Androgenic Steroids are legal to possess in some countries for personal use without prescription however, it is up to the consumer to ensure that they are compliant with the laws applicable to them in their country of residence. If you choose not to obey the laws in your country of residence as well as our own clearly displayed terms and conditions then you are the one breaking the law and our terms by ordering our products. H2 LABS Team, H2 LABS International, and their proprietors do not accept any responsibility for any laws being broken by the shipping of any of our products to you because you ordered from us fradudently. We are here to supply clients who order our products legally and it is up to the consumer to obey the laws of their country, we accept no responsibility for illegal supply or possession of our products. We do not intentionally ship our products illegally.
In the UK, steroids are covered under the Misuse of Drugs Act and are classed as a Class C substance and it's legal to posses steroids as long as they are for personal use.



TEST P 100mg/ml 10ml
TEST C 250mg/ml 10ml
TEST E 250mg/ml 10ml
NANDRO 250mg/ml 10ml
EQ 200mg/ml 10ml
MAST P 100mg/ml 10ml
MAST E 150mg/ml 10ml
PRIMO E 100mg/ml 10ml
RIP BLEND 150mg/ml 10ml
SUST BLEND 250mg/ml 10ml
TREN A 100mg/ml 10ml
TREN E 150mg/ml 10ml
NANDRO PP 100mg/ml 10ml
TREN H 200mg/ml 10ml
METRIX 2mg/ml 10ml
TEST B 100mg/ml 10ml
WINSTROL DEPOT 25mg/ml, 50mg/ml 10ml
TEST 400 400mg/ml 10ml
EQX 350mg/ml 10ml
TDBX 600 600mg/ml 10ml
NDX 600 600mg/ml 10m
TE 500 500mg/ml 10ml
RB 300 300mg/ml 10ml
RB 600 600mg/ml 10ml
NNE 100mg/ml 10ml
MENT 100mg/ml 10ml

OXANDROX 20mg/Capsule x50
METHANDROX 20mg/Capsule x50
STANOX 20mg/Capsule x50
OXYMETHOX 20mg/Capsule x50
TURINABOX 20mg/Capsule x50
HALOTEX 20mg/Capsule x50
CLOMIX 20mg/Capsule x50
TAMOX 20mg/Capsule x50
MESTERX 20mg/Capsule x50
SILDEX 20mg/Capsule x50
TADALAX 20mg/Capsule x50
METHATEX 20mg/Capsule x50
AEROX 20mg/Capsule x50
ALX 20mg/Capsule x50
YINX 20mg/Capsule x50
LIQUID ARIMIX 5mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID LETROX 5mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID ALX 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID YINX 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID T3 200mcg/ml 20ml
LIQUID CHEQUE DROPS 200mcg/ml 20ml
LIQUID SR-9009 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID MK-677 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID ML-2866 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID RAD-140 10mg/ml 20ml
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